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hire accordion player

Papa Bavarian is an artist-driven agency of musicians who are masters of performing on unique, stand-out instruments like the piano, the accordion, and ukulele. And that's just the beginning.

Our instrumentalists have in just the past two years appeared on VH1 and in the Wall Street Journal, as well as performed at the best parties for the likes of Mercedes Benz USA, Mastercard, Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises and Unilever.

Our musicians are great at evoking a bygone era where acoustic minstrels would stroll and perform and offer a truly refreshing option in today's highly technological world.

Our Bands--Piano Jazz Trio, Smitty's Polka Band and Gruppo Di Gondolieri--stand out with festive themes and complementary costumes, making a big sound either plugged in or unplugged.

We understand that in this age of streaming music, a live musician or band is truly a luxury, however, we price our services to be accessible to any budget so be sure to contact us to discuss rates.

Call 646-543-5828 or send an email message using our contact form, we're passionate about events and would love to hear about your plans so we can take it up a few notches.

The sky's the limit...so we're looking forward to hearing from you!

hire accordion player

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